Creamy Coconut Tofu Curry

This creamy curry is a great dinner dish, packed full of flavour and made with ginger, coconut, brown sugar and curry powder.

Ingredients List
450g firm tofu
1 x 400g tin coconut milk
2 bunches fresh spring onions
4 plum tomatoes
275g pak choi
100g mushrooms
1 yellow pepper
4 tbsp. soy sauce
1/2 tsp. brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp. curry powder
1 tsp. minced ginger
2 tsp. minced red chilli
Small handful freshly chopped basil leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

1) Chop the tofu into cubes. Remove the white parts of the spring onions and thinly slice the rest of the flesh. Thinly slice the mushrooms. Finely chop the pak choi. Dice the tomatoes. Slice the pepper in half, remove the seeds and pith and dice the flesh.

2) In a large saucepan, combine coconut milk, 3 tbsp. soy sauce, brown sugar, curry powder, ginger and chilli. Stir well and bring to the boil.

3) Add the tofu, tomatoes, yellow pepper, mushrooms and most of the spring onions. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes.

4) Add the pak choi and basil and season with salt and pepper and the rest of the soy. Simmer until the veg and tofu are tender.

Source: Tofu Recipes.

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Thai Beef and Peanut Curry

This tasty curry is chock full of flavour but is a real doddle to prepare. The beef comes out tender and delicious, and the addition of some crunchy peanuts towards the end of cooking adds a saltiness and different texture to the dish. Serve over jasmine rice.

Ingredients List:
2 potatoes
1 onion
600g beef stewing steak
1 tin coconut milk
3 cloves of garlic
400g tin coconut milk
4 tbsp. smooth peanut butter
3 tbsp. curry powder
3 tbsp. Thai fish sauce
3 tbsp. brown sugar
300ml beef stock
75g peanuts
50g butter

Coarsely chop the onion and chop the potatoes into large chunks. Place into slow cooker.

Mince the garlic cloves. Cut the steak into chunks.

Melt the butter in a large saucepan and cook the beef and garlic together until browned on all sides. Add the beef and garlic to the slow cooker, leaving the cooking juices behind.

Return the pan to a medium heat. Stir the peanut butter, curry powder and coconut milk into the pan and cook until melted together. Add to the slow cooker.

Turn the slow cooker onto low and stir in the fish sauce, brown sugar and beef stock.

Cook on low for four to six hours, adding the peanuts half an hour before the end of cooking.

Source: Beef Recipe.

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Prawn and Sesame Stir Fry

This flavourful and fresh stir fry would be perfect with either a zingy salad or some steamed rice.

Ingredient List:
500g prawns, peeled and deveined
250g sugar snap peas
175ml chicken stock
1 red pepper
3 spring onions
1 tbsp. sesame seeds
2 tbsp. sesame oil
2 tbsp. corn flour
3 tbsp. teriyaki sauce
1 garlic clove
½ tsp. cayenne pepper
½ tsp. ground ginger

1) Finely chop the spring onions and prepare the pepper by getting rid of the seeds and pith, then chop it finely. Mince the garlic clove.

2) Put the prawns, ginger, cayenne pepper, sesame seeds and minced garlic clove into a plastic bag and put the bag into the fridge to marinade for an hour or so.

3) When you’re ready to cook, heat the sesame oil in a wok and stir fry the pepper and spring onions for three to four minutes.

4) Add the teriyaki sauce, then add the sugar snap peas and the prawns and cook for a further four minutes or until the prawns are just cooked.

5) Mix the corn flour with the chicken stock until smooth. Pour it into the stir fry and cook until the sauce boils, then remove from the heat and serve.

Source: Stir Fry Recipes.

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Grapefruit and Shrimp Salad with Honey Soy Dressing

List of ingredients:

1 lb of medium shrimp, shelled.
1 tablespoon of sesame oil.
1 tablespoon of honey.
2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.
1 tablespoon of soy sauce.
1/2 teaspoon of hot chile oil.
3 tablespoons of vegetable stock or water.
4 cups of fresh spinach leaves, torn into bite-size pieces.
2 small pink grapefruit, peeled and sectioned.
4 scallions, thinly sliced.


Cook the shrimp in salted simmering water for 3 minutes. Drain and allow to cool.

In a bowl, make the dressing by whisking together the sesame oil, honey, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, chile oil and stock.

On a serving platter make a bed of spinach leaves, then sprinkle with a few tablespoons of dressing.

Position the grapefruit sections and cooked shrimp over spinach and drizzle with the remaining dressing.

Sprinkle with scallions.

Source: Grapefruit Recipes.

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